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At 6:46pm on November 17, 2009, Отоцкий Леонид Нисонович said…
Cool Javier ! Glad to see you here !
A Web Seminar around the VSM is organizing in Kiev (Ukraine). I'll send them a presentation .
Suppose it will be cool if there will be greetings and presentation from the Stafford's community !
The Seminar will take place in January . A contact person is Olga Kriazhich
- email - . You may ask her details .
I took part already in their previous Seminar from my home.
They put on the texts of presentations on their Portal and are organizing Web-discussions around the presentations .
It wiil be cool if there will be parttisipants from abroad !!

Hope it will be interesting for you .
A topic of the Seminar is "A modern point of view to the Viable Systems"
At 5:26pm on January 25, 2010, Leonid Ototsky said…
Raul Espejo has regisered here today ! Suppose it will be cool if you'll send him a Congratulation !
At 10:06am on October 5, 2011, Bhuvaneshwar Joshi said…
Dear Javier, to a friend I would first write a personal leeter sharing with you my moments with Stafford to establish our closeness. And then professional letter from one Cybeerinan to another ( a term coined by SB himself) .I am not sure if I write to you at the @mac via gmail,it would not get censored. Not that I am scared nor I have any secrets to reveal butyou being an activist may be under radar and like SB after his Chile experiance I would not like to go underground ! If it ok with you then let me know
At 5:32pm on October 8, 2011, Bhuvaneshwar Joshi said…
As a true follower of SB you have done a good job by popularizing VSM and Management Cybernetics in general.Your vedio on Psycho Cybernetics is one good example.
At 6:59am on October 14, 2011, Bhuvaneshwar Joshi said…
Dear javier, I hope you got my mail sent at to you at the mac address. As I have said due to my weak eyesight spelling/typing mistakes do occur,so bear with them or have them corrected. Also  as I am unable to place my photo,will it be possible for someone to copy it from my website; ? Future ares for collaborative projects follow soon.
At 7:41am on October 18, 2011, Bhuvaneshwar Joshi said…
Have you tried team syntegrity ?And are you familiar with De Bono's Six Thinking hats/ If so how about fussion of the two thinking techniques toto evolve a superior one ?
At 10:27am on August 31, 2019, Bhuvaneshwar Joshi said…

Recently I viewed your attempt to explain Economics through Management cybernetics and made a remark on the neeed to understand the Psyche of an organization/country. You would recall my earlier blog on Mind of a Nation. I have concept designs to develop Cybernetic model combining VSM and Systems Engineering techniques,but lack necessary computer graphics skills to draw and post it on Net. I could send my hand sketch by post to you if you be interested in developing the theme.I need your postal address for it.

As much time has flowed since Stafford used the human brain anatomy. I have recently viewed the role of Lymphatic system in human body and see a promise to develop a monitoring systems for governments. 

At 9:06am on September 25, 2019, Bhuvaneshwar Joshi said…

Please view the speech of British Labor Party leader Coven at Bright-land yesterday and also that of Trump at the UN general Assembly and you will be able to see one thing in common;both are looking for vote bank. On e uses few rich vs. majority poor criterion and latter uses Global vs patriotism. My last blog in your page touches the reality of democracy.

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