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Currently the world is in the midst of a currency war, debt crisis, economic   slow- down , info war ,political crises  ,military tensions, oil crisis, migration crisis etc. Different sector specific explanations are being offered by experts and others analyzing the crises in totality by inter connecting these specific crises. However, in ultimate analysis it all boils down to human decision making under extreme stress. Be it a stock market player, a military strategist, an investor ,political head of a country, it is the  mental perception of a person/group of persons/organizations or countries, about the risk involved in taking a particular decision when there is high volatility, uncertainty and therefore high stress attached to it. Under such circumstances, human mind having limited ability to comprehend the complexity tends often to take decision that is devoid of sound   reason and so not only leads to a chain of similar haste decisions by others. This leads to a spiraling vortex of actions that cause chaos; from stock market crash to an out -break of war. On hind-site all appears very strange and puzzling to the historians over the choice of decision.

It is well known that major world crises were averted by timely communication-be it the Cuban crisis or the recent impending over Ukraine. What is being arrived at here is that these ups and downs will continue to take place, big or small as long as we the humans do not realize our own limitation of comprehending reality at any given point of time and rely only on our instinctive thinking ability. Ie the4r a way ou ? Well, partially we could reduce such crises, if we listen to well informed robots who in turn should interact among their own robotic community across the world to arrive at a more balanced perception of the impending crisis,  that is, how real is the threat, risk assessment  etc

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