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Cybernetic management - as less harmful management as possible

The transition from monarchy to democracy from the point of view of governance has been a step jump. While in monarchy the ruler or king supported by his chosen council of ministers, represent the mind of the country, in democracy the elected representatives of the people, in turn elect their leader who chooses his council of ministers and in a sense portray the mind of the nation.  However, like all living systems in order to be viable, human systems must also be self organizing or self adaptive to the changing environment.

      In parliamentary democracy, the Constitution that represents the will of the people, the governance is distributed between legislature, the executive, the judiciary and the press. The executive, in addition to a support beaurocracy, today has various institutions that help in information gathering, analysis, planning, and evaluation etc of a large number of socio economic and political goals and objectives, and activities. But then the nation also consists of business and social organizations which have their own mind so to say. Therefore, for good governance it is important for the government to know how the minds of these private, socio cultural, religious organizations behave and respond to various policy measures.

  It is pertinent, that the mind of a nation in order to be effective must have a representative design model of the nation as a system – a subject thus far neglected.  The days of having just a planned model of the economy are overas it fails to capture the total aspirations and values of the people. The economic model needs to be replaced by a more sophisticated Cybernetic model that captures human aspirations and values of the people, optimal utilization of natural and human resources for an environmentally sustained evolution of the nation.

  The key distinguishing feature of the MIND OF A NATION would be to design and operate a cybernetic model of the nation equipped with cyber filters and regulators that follow the Laws of science of Cybernetics.

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