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Francis Heylighen of Principia Cybernetica sometime back had been developing his thesis on Evolutionary Cybernetics to which I wanted to respond but I could not succeed in e -mailling to him for reasons not clear to me. So I am using this blog to make my point. Long ago I had come accross a paper on Law of Requisite Structures which sounds quite convincing to me and like the Law of Requisite Variety is fundamental to Cybernetics Theory.  In essence,it says that organizations inresponse to environmental changes builds a temporary functional structure and only after sufficient when it is convinced that the environmental change is a lasting one and the said arrangement works well that it gives it a permanent structural shape.For example, when ashopkeeper finds that during winter season when the sun changes its course,sun directly fall into the window.He prevents it by atemporary structure by placing a convas cloth uotside. But over the years he finds it more benificial to replace it by a permanent structure which protects him from rain and snow as well. Living organizations follow this Law too as explained by the Evolutionary Cybernetics.


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