Management Cybernetics

Cybernetic management - as less harmful management as possible

Why is there a need to add the word ‘Innovation” to  Management  Cybernetics? Cybernetics as explained by Professor Stafford Beer is the science of self organizing systems (systems S!,S2, S3, S4,and S5). While S3 concerns itself with managing (planning, organizing, evaluating) the present system as designed, S4 deals with the designing future systems. The decision of select the redesign and time its introduction rests with the S5 .Basically one is distinguishing between homeostatic  and home kinetic processes.  Clearly while S3 utilizes various levels of critical thinking skills, S4 predominantly need creative thinking skills.  Moreover, as S4  task is to improve or re design the existing systems S1, S2, S3 and even S5 it certainly cannot depend upon one creative thinking tool but a set of them. Besides it needs to combine these creative thinking skills with another set of critical (higher order) thinking tools (including Cybernetic thinking) to arrive at viable design. This is at least true for man- made organization systems. That is why I would like to refer it as Innovative Management Cybernetics.                         

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