Management Cybernetics

Cybernetic management - as less harmful management as possible

All of us aspire for freedom. Freedom from constraints, freedom from being regulated or controlled by others, religion,  social, economic or political freedom. As children we want freedom from the parental dictates,   as adults individuals want personal freedom, freedom of expression, free to sex and love, free to choose our destiny, our values, freedom to think, that s free of ideologies, philosophies and dogmas.  But as thinking beings we even want freedom from thinking   as we may prefer to remain in a thoughtless state.

 There is need to introspect on the concept of freedom itself. It is a dilution, for all organized systems are self regulatory and look for a stable state through a process called homeostasis. Absolute freedom is not desirable so we should give up this mirage chase. Human systems are part of a hierarchical and so multi level regulatory. We cannot alter this phenomenon unless we are in a position to change the very design of the entire Cosmos!

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