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DEMOCRACY IN PRACTICE: a cybernetic explanation

In most countries today there exist a high level of complexity arising out of a multitude of goals perused and activities carried out at macro and micro level organizations. Apart from the delay in gathering, collating and interpreting the data on these events, there exists the perceptional bias in the mind of individuals and organizations, especially political organizations. As a consequence, the man on the street is at a loss as to whom to trust. What is the extent of benefit or harm from particular governmental /organizational decisions?  Political parties and other interest groups thrive on this uncertainty and sense of insecurity in the minds of people at large.

 This situation is further aggravated by the fact that in absence of any independent comprehensive thinking framework (model). The existing ideological frameworks are incapably to capture the represent the total variety present in the system.  Even the pre existing legal and Constitutional frame work, being outdated, are unable to resolve problems effectively. This pathetic situation is straight away grabbed by political party (s) in power to meet their party (and or also individual) interests In the name of democracy, the political parties play games with the voters. Make tall promises (not supported by facts) at the time of elections and later find many apparently convincing excuses to wriggle out of the embarrassment. These include extreme ways to divert public attention from core issues facing the country by propelling war hysteria, looming racial/communal crisis and ecological disasters.

To conclude, the rules of power game may have changed from monarchy to democracy but the end objective remains same-exploitation of human, financial and natural resources to one’s advantage



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