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                        CYBERNETICS OF WAR AND PEACE


War and Peace situations occur as a result combine effect of both prevailing internal mindset of the individual/organization/country, external realities and differences in perceived realities by both opposing parties.

Depending upon the magnitude of the problem and the extent of perceptional difference  between the two parties, the intensity of conflict can  continuously increase or decrease due to anticipatory thinking(thinking before you think) behavior of the concerned parties. Politics of deliberately confusing the opponent making contradictory statements or actions to that effect, only compound the degree of conflict. When the parties start believing in distrust then carrying on dialogue has no relevance and it become a mere ritual.

  In order to end this mutual distrust based zero sum game there is need to demonstrate consistent changed behavior by carrying out confidence building measures by both sides with sincerity. All this requires switching the mode of thinking from Critical/analytical to Creative/innovative Out of box thinking. That is, free of ego, dispassionate, objective scientific thinking by the representatives of the conflicting parties upon long term cost benefits of such consequences keeping lessons of history in mind. Abstract thinking can lead to realization of purposelessness of such short sighted actions arising out of narrow minded thinking. It is said that Peace is an intermediate transitory state between two epochs of war! Let Calm and peace eventually prevail upon all.                                     



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