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Classification of types of Human Thinkers

Human thinkers as part of social thinking system can be classified into five types of thinkers. First, a set of human beings think about the performing the survival aspects of thinking. In the viable systems model of Stafford Beer these are performing operation management role in the human thinking industry or the knowledge economy. Next are those who engage themselves in thinking about the co ordination problems of survival thinking and so communicate with operations types and thinkers of planners of the present system of human thinking. The latter are the third type of thinkers as they are primarily concerned with immediate future, that is, the survival of the present human system of thinking and functioning. The fourth type of thinkers are those who dwell or ponder upon the future needs or type of thinking required to meet the growth of human systems. And finally the fifth type of thinkers who are able to appreciate the point of views of the two types of thinkers, namely ,type three and four and think upon  when and how to suggest transition from the present to the future thinking requirements.

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