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It is tempting to as to why can’t a successful CEO of a giant corporation? Certainly yes, anything is possible but in all likelihood he may not be able to run the nation a as successfully. While it is true that both a business organization and a nation are human organizations-although in cybernetic terms,   nation is many fold more complex than a business organization.  Apart from this similarity, there are much dissimilarity between the two.

  1. 1.       A business organization has a very focused goal of maximizing profits or sales supported by specific objectives that are both quantifiable (therefore measurable) and achievable

 In contrast, a nation has a very large number of socio cultural, economic , political and ecological goals not all of which are not directly measurable and so non achievable ,such as human satisfaction.

       2     A business organizations, if required, can wind up its operations in one location and shift to another more business friendly environment.  This is not possible in case of a nation which is geographically bound.

3          The management of a  business organization can at will chose its product and or service lines, that is, the type of business it wants to engaged in. However, a national government does not have this freedom; it has to conduct certain functions wilily- nelly.

4         The Board of a business organization can contract out management function to any external firm. National governments do not have this choice.

5         The structure of even a large multinational business conglomerate although multi level, hierarchal having turnover larger than many nations yet in terms of complexity is far less than a nation because of latter having diverse goals, functions and environmental connections.

  It therefore follows from above that it is not sufficient for a highly skilled CEO of a company howsoever successful in managing a business organization, be a guarantee for managing a nation than requires experience of a different kind.

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Comment by Arsenij Krasikov on February 26, 2017 at 8:35am
Sounds correct


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