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Law of Requsite Structure

Francis Heylighen of Principia Cybernetica sometime back had been developing his thesis on Evolutionary Cybernetics to which I wanted to respond but I could not succeed in e -mailling to him for reasons not clear to me. So I am using this blog to make my point. Long ago I had come accross a paper on Law of Requisite Structures which sounds quite convincing to me and like the Law of Requisite Variety is fundamental to Cybernetics Theory.  In essence,it says that organizations inresponse to…


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Law of Requisite Structure

This law ,like that of requisite variety is quite fundamental to Evolutionary Cybernetics.Stated in simple terms it states that any system while responding to reoccuring environmental response initially builds a temporary functional structure and only after it is convinnced of its utility

it gives it a permanent shape  in the form of a structure. All living ornaizations follow this Law. IN HUMAN ORGANIZATIONS ONE NOTICES THAT WHENEVER NEW ACTIVITIES ARE INTRODUCED THEY ARE GIVEN TO A…


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