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Hello all!

There are "simple" questions being for long time. And I hardly can imagine moving towards to variety engineering, for myself at least, without answeres. I will be very glad if someone will give a little bit of light here ;)

  1. What are methods of variety measurement? Is there something simple as a thermometer.
  2. What states of a system 100% should be monitored to be viable (am I well being only or more detailed)?
  3. Do we have a reference book of average variety level for common types of a system or environments?
  4. What are variety amplifiers and filters were designed in enterprise management to provide sustainable development?

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1. Method is "to count" distinguish by viewer constructs in context, isn't it?

Dear A.K,Gland to know that u are persuing VSM seriously.I willtry to respond to 1,2 & 4 (for 3 is a desirable proposition)

1.Variety is a measure of complexity in a system;the number of states it can take. Any complex system consists of a large number of interacting elements with each having some vatiety of its own. Management systems are descrete systems and variety is measured whole numbers(unlike engineering systems where systems  have continuous variables) Variety is measured in log terms or simlpy 2 to the power n-1(where n is the number of possible states. For detaails see Ashby or Beer.

2A design model is a representative of the real system It becomes representative when it has  requisite number of independent elements of the system sufficient to reproduce all states of the system( Groupe ,D Sytems Identification).

4Variety Amplifiers and Filters are designed to regulate the flow of variety( to ensure the Law of Requisite Variety becomes operatable and homeostatis of the system is reached.

  For under or over designed systems one need to add or substract elements of the system to do variety engineering.

Thanks for answers, they are in some sense too general for me. Also one can check Raul Espejo book "organizational systems". It contains best practices from Syncho.

Я в своем проекте Дельта технология пытаюсь дать ответ на эти влпросы, но дело в том, чтобы дать ответ на них, надо уйти от всего того, что за многие годы не дало этот ответ, а это очень болезненный процесс и не каждому это под силу.

Dear Mr Borik,

                       Cpaceba. Poshaluesta,Ya nyet znayu Paruski !

  Please send English version



Dear Dzhoshi

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