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Any news on the project "Assol-IPS" (IPS - Independent Planetary Settlement (land prototype))

The proposed topic is so new that it needs and the appropriate psychological mood. In short, the search will start at the junction of decisions of family and habitation of the planets. Yes, this subject - for discussion only in the family. Will we be able entire family to discuss these issues?

Well in advance, it not needs to debate that go on for a long time other professional forums ("News of Cosmonautics" among the "survivalist", etc.). Here forum needs of society, it is the social and cultural aspects of the expansion of space has long been a critical problem in its unresolved, there is hidden a lot of traps and threats. Do not mistake, the subject of autonomous planetary settlements has negligible relation to space (except that, in terms of delivery systems, etc.).

Literally, the project offers opportunities to any advanced, able to take a bold decision the family (why not ours with you?) Could really change their way of life! And not to be an observer of the ideas of others!

Associates, let us come together on such terms and conditions:
* Understand and develop the concept of "InoKont"
* Life strategy and the corresponding environment (housing, infrastructure) are developing together with the use of virtual technology
* Each family takes the place of up to 0.5 hectares of land and most of it leases APP-range in exchange for shares (ordinary voters) project
* Family is living in a new place without a break and work on the chosen profile ...

Starting social support to families include lifting the salary and bonuses, subsidies in housing, etc.

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