Management Cybernetics

Cybernetic management - as less harmful management as possible

Complexity Management: Innovations for Business and Societal Sustainability.


We are happy to announce the next Metaphorum Conference to be held on 2nd and 3rd December 2010 in Scarborough.


In this Conference we want to continue the conversations we initiated in St Gallen, at the Cwarel Isaf Conference in 2009, about how we can contribute to the required societal
transformation (The Great Transformation), using Stafford’s legacy. In
addition to Metaphorum members, we intend to invite people who have been
developing innovations in businesses, education and communities that
are ‘cybernetically sound’ and constitute an example of alternative ways
of dealing with the major challenges in the 21st Century, particularly the creation of a sustainable society.  We would like speakers to present their projects and to reflect on them, from a cybernetic/ complexity perspective.  


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Уже была Конференция Metaphorum-2010 . Я выступал там по Скайпу - вот текст доклада -->


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