Management Cybernetics

Cybernetic management - as less harmful management as possible

См. статью "Ten Pints of Beer"

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+ 1959, Cybernetics and Management, English Universities Press
+ 1966, Decision and Control, Wiley, London
- 1972, Brain Of The Firm, Allen Lane, The Penguin Press, London, Herder and Herder, USA.Translated into German, Italian, Swedish and French.
+ 1974, Designing Freedom, CBC Learning Systems, Toronto, 1974; and John Wiley, London and New York, 1975. Translated into Spanish and Japanese.
- 1975, Platform for Change, John Wiley, London and New York. Reprinted with corrections 1978.
+ 1979, The Heart of Enterprise, John Wiley, London and New York. Reprinted with corrections 1988.
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+ 1994, Beyond Dispute: The Invention of Team Syntegrity; John Wiley, Chichester.

+ The VSM Guide by Jon Walker
- Viable System Model: Interpretations and Applications of Stafford Beer's Vsm by Raul Espejo, Roger Harnden
- Хиценко В.Е. Самоорганизация: элементы теории и социальные приложения
- The Fractal Organization: Creating sustainable organizations with the Viable System Model by Patrick Hoverstadt

+ есть в коллекции либо в твердой, либо в электронной копии
- нет


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