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At 7:23pm on November 17, 2009, Sergeyev A said…
Hi Leo!!!!
Good to see you!!!
At 9:17pm on November 17, 2009, Отоцкий Леонид Нисонович said…
:-) And where is your photo here ?
Also there is a request .
Do you want to take part in the Web Seminar around the VSM with hosting in Kiev ?
I'll prepare a presentation for their Portal -
At 2:14pm on November 21, 2009, Sergeyev A said…
I am always keen on taking part in any event connected to VSM. I have just one reservation: it is very difficult to talk about VSM with people who never even read about it. Therefore usually I avoid such amateur gathering... Some people seems get angry at me.
At 4:02pm on November 21, 2009, Отоцкий Леонид Нисонович said…
Of course there must be not amateurs for real implementation .
But at the early stages suppose there must be a great PR for new staff !
I do such PR for the young community .
Did you read a presentation of my son ?
And here is their Center ( )which is trying to communicate around the VSM with Regions (not Only Moscow Region but the Chuvash Region as well .
At 9:27pm on January 12, 2010, Leonid Ototsky said…
Смотри сколько Бировцев я уже сагитировал зарегистрироваться на этом Портале !
Думаю, будет полезно, если ты их попреветствуешь !
At 5:20pm on January 25, 2010, Leonid Ototsky said…
Андрей, сюда зарегистрировался Рауль ! Было бы хорошо, если бы ты послал ему Приветствие !!
At 1:10pm on January 29, 2010, Leonid Ototsky said…
Андрей. Жду твою фотографию здесь !!!
At 1:11pm on January 29, 2010, Leonid Ototsky said…
А так же Москардини и Рауль уже начали здесь переписываться !
At 3:40pm on January 11, 2011, Claudio Marcelo Gamero Henríquez said…

Hi Leonid, thank you for accept me as your friend, I hope we´re in contact flow during a long time more in the future.

regards form chile.

At 3:51pm on January 11, 2011, Claudio Marcelo Gamero Henríquez said…

Hi again, yes I know to Enrique Rivera, but no personally yet...only for facebook...and yes, I know for him work with

cibersyn and Raúl Espejo...Here in Chile, the synco project was hiden for dictatoship of Pinochet...even until today...a lot people unknow this great and pionner prooject!!! around the Chile...around 90% aprox. live his life only refer to TV...really such as MATRIX the film!!...or better say such as Patlon cave. Why my interest in the controll massive by de media. to Enrique talk through facebook, very a nice guy.

At 10:35pm on January 12, 2011, Claudio Marcelo Gamero Henríquez said…

the cibersyn project...and her website develop for Enrique and his great and very important, why came to refresh the memory of new generation not only from Chile ...if no, to around the wordl...Stafford Ber together to chileans scientists really were forefront-

The Beer work´s it´s a great sources for to make the least that I think.

At 7:23pm on January 13, 2011, Claudio Marcelo Gamero Henríquez said…

Yes, I know...the work of Raul Espejo is a great labour develop together to Beer and all team for that years, during the left 70´s and all 80´s until today...syncho is agreat organization...I would like job there...jaja...will be a great honour, to be among the real

masters of management cibertenics around the world.

At 9:03pm on January 13, 2011, Claudio Marcelo Gamero Henríquez said…

Sure it´s ok, but Raúl only know me through Angela Espinosa...She would be my
tutor in PhD Management at HUBS.
Recently...around 1 months or less...I have contacted to Raul.
I written to he, for apply/attempt some sort of help for me in some problems that I have had on final 2010 refer PhD HUBS.

To Raul Espejo, Here I have heard a lot stories about cybersyn during Allende Government´s...but only I have had no more that 4 or 5 contacts for write with he.

When Angela began contact and work with me, then I thought in deepen the contact with Raul Espejo and with all network around Stafford legacy´s. The most close relation it´s the I have with Angela, really she have been a great support and helper for me.
I have letter for acceptance with conditions for achieve a good level of english, but the most serious problem it´s to the fundings yet.
Well Leonid, I hope clarify your questions...and not bore you with these things.
grettings from down under southern cross.

At 10:11pm on January 13, 2011, Claudio Marcelo Gamero Henríquez said…

Well I knew this community through, there exist very links...also

I reviwed, differents website about this, for example, Society of Cibernetics of United Kingdom...of course, through site made for Enrique...into this site I found a lot papers and much information...from there contacte with it´s a result of many much search for my halfduring the last 3 or 4 years...But only I have written when get in contact with Angela and HUBS Through she. Also when I can improve my english, jaja...that was a problem initialy. Here in Chile, the most people is blind totaly...better say, they only drives for the consumption...there is no respect for old people, for the life or for the nature resources...Herethe neoliberal system it´s kingdom´s

because this, I have write about the massive control, or mental controll through the mass medias and how the people, in the case of Chile,..suffer them a brian washing in my opinion. The most people is very unconsciousness and deeply individualists.

Here nobody remember cybersyn or S. Beer...only remember Salvador Allende asan Hero, although a third population love them to pinochet and neoliberal policies...they are very blind for de TV...pffff. Is very difficult get in talk really with this chilean my opinion, during 70´s the TV changed the citizen in consumers...the citizen necessary must be consciousness/awake while the consumers only must have money or power of consumption...without ethics or any sort of respect...who have the money is own of the law and of any resources sad but the true. here. The brain washing is in although all west of wolrd...In the last time, I have been studying about sustainability and permaculture. In fact, in the next february I ´LL trip to south of Chile...Valdivia..Where I´ll practice in the built of harvesting rainwater...

At 10:16pm on January 13, 2011, Claudio Marcelo Gamero Henríquez said…

also I´LL try do a hothouse but a few kms more far...more south, in Puerto Montt...around 43º lat south. But I think tha no possible why I must begin my job as a teacher in Valparaiso on March 2011. I work as a professor at University Technical Federico Santa Maria...Well Leonid, thank you for your interest and for your words. Really is very grateful for me be in contact with guys with you, Raul or in Chile the system thinking it´s little respect...the first order is for grow up economy through privatization and sell the last resources that here left.

well regards


At 11:21pm on January 13, 2011, Claudio Marcelo Gamero Henríquez said…

Hi, thank you for your link too...I ´ll review all.




At 1:11pm on February 10, 2011, Anush Ghambaryan said…

Hello! And Thank you for your links. I've reviewed them and not only them but also other connected videos. I'm very interested in viable systems. And I found the book "Brain of an enterprise" /Мозг фирмы/.


I'm very happy to find this site. I don't know here anyone. But I'k like to communicate with and to know more about  these  concepts that are new but very close to me.



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