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At 6:46pm on November 17, 2009, Отоцкий Леонид Нисонович said…
Cool Javier ! Glad to see you here !
A Web Seminar around the VSM is organizing in Kiev (Ukraine). I'll send them a presentation .
Suppose it will be cool if there will be greetings and presentation from the Stafford's community !
The Seminar will take place in January . A contact person is Olga Kriazhich
- email - . You may ask her details .
I took part already in their previous Seminar from my home.
They put on the texts of presentations on their Portal and are organizing Web-discussions around the presentations .
It wiil be cool if there will be parttisipants from abroad !!

Hope it will be interesting for you .
A topic of the Seminar is "A modern point of view to the Viable Systems"
At 5:26pm on January 25, 2010, Leonid Ototsky said…
Raul Espejo has regisered here today ! Suppose it will be cool if you'll send him a Congratulation !
At 10:06am on October 5, 2011, Bhuvaneshwar Joshi said…
Dear Javier, to a friend I would first write a personal leeter sharing with you my moments with Stafford to establish our closeness. And then professional letter from one Cybeerinan to another ( a term coined by SB himself) .I am not sure if I write to you at the @mac via gmail,it would not get censored. Not that I am scared nor I have any secrets to reveal butyou being an activist may be under radar and like SB after his Chile experiance I would not like to go underground ! If it ok with you then let me know
At 5:32pm on October 8, 2011, Bhuvaneshwar Joshi said…
As a true follower of SB you have done a good job by popularizing VSM and Management Cybernetics in general.Your vedio on Psycho Cybernetics is one good example.
At 6:59am on October 14, 2011, Bhuvaneshwar Joshi said…
Dear javier, I hope you got my mail sent at to you at the mac address. As I have said due to my weak eyesight spelling/typing mistakes do occur,so bear with them or have them corrected. Also  as I am unable to place my photo,will it be possible for someone to copy it from my website; ? Future ares for collaborative projects follow soon.
At 7:41am on October 18, 2011, Bhuvaneshwar Joshi said…
Have you tried team syntegrity ?And are you familiar with De Bono's Six Thinking hats/ If so how about fussion of the two thinking techniques toto evolve a superior one ?

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