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At 8:46pm on October 3, 2011, Javier Livas said…
Please write me if you wish.
At 10:06am on October 4, 2011, Bhuvaneshwar Joshi said…
Thank you.I would wtrite to you at length soon.
At 7:45am on December 26, 2014, Timothy Sadleir Falkiner said…

I have not written anything recently on cybernetics. I wrote my book, Scientific Legislation, twenty years ago and nobody, at least nobody in the legal profession, seemed to understand it. So I did not continue the work.

My work on the application of cybernetic principles to legislation has been outside any university framework and although I have lectured to two parliamentary counsel offices and made enquiries at local universities the universities just do not understand. My book looked at legislation in the context of software engineering; it viewed legislation as a control system in many ways similar to software engineering as constituting a control system for computers. I now want to expand the area of knowledge covered by the book as I am beginning to understand more about some of the areas of cybernetics. I suppose in one sense I am approaching cybernetics from the viewpoint of a lawyer whereas cybernetitians are approaching law from the background of control systems experts. But at the moment I think there is a gulf between the two and if you are going to implement a cybernetic state you need to be able to sell it to the lawyers and show them at the level of detail how it works and how they can implement it. And I think that can also give the lawyers an understanding. We have to understand that the way lawyers are taught makes it very difficult for them to think in systems terms. It took me about eight years from when I started my town planning course and was introduced to people like Harry Parsons from the UK who had attended lectures by Norbert Wiener.

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