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At 11:09am on December 25, 2014, Bhuvaneshwar Joshi said…

Dear Im, I am impressed by your deep intersest in Legal aspects of Cybernetics.Pl. send me a few of yr. papers/notes on the subject. I too am interested in the topic and could give you some feedback. Write to me directly

At 9:08am on February 21, 2015, Bhuvaneshwar Joshi said…

Thank you for elaborating upon your work in an unexplored territory of Cybernetics. As you are aware my interest is in developing a design model of a nation where its governance requires that one has cyber regulator to regulate the various socio economic activities based upon certain norms,such as ,monitory or Tax laws,Import/export, investment and saving  Rules. Any government proposal rectified by the parliament becomes a law-though not in the legal sense. I think if I could lay hands on your work then perhaps I would be in  a better position to perceive how your expertise could be utilized here  However, let us approach Javier Livas to obtain his expert views on it as he is well versed both in Law and Cybernetics..

At 6:20am on February 23, 2015, Timothy Sadleir Falkiner said…

I would be only too happy that we approach Javier Livas; I regret not having contacted Stafford Beer in the 1980s. The system you describe sounds like a Cybersyn system. I suppose my interest is in developing legislation, a legislative system or framework if you like, into which the output of a Cybersyn system can feed without the system getting tangled up and falling over. If you want a copy of my book and give me a postal address I would be happy to post you one. I am proposing to produce the book as a YouTube video but that may take a year or so. I am also wanting to expand my research as follows. "

I have only a general idea the final form the new work will take but I want to read more of the early materials on cybernetics and expand my knowledge of some laws of cybernetics that I did not cover when writing the book. I want to expand the area on interfacing legislation with other control systems, expand the material on the law of requisite variety, include a chapter on feedback and cover the concept of homeostasis. I want to detail how a cybernetic control system of government could be implemented and the critical role legislation would play in that."

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