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DEMOCRACY IN PRACTICE: a cybernetic explanation

In most countries today there exist a high level of complexity arising out of a multitude of goals perused and activities carried out at macro and micro level organizations. Apart from the delay in gathering, collating and interpreting the data on these events, there exists the perceptional bias in the mind of individuals and organizations, especially political organizations. As a consequence, the man on the street is at a loss as to whom to trust. What is the extent of benefit or…


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Cybernetic Identity of People residing in a Nation

Generally in the past, the identity of people residing in a country is symbolized by the language they speak or the religion they follow.  However, in the modern times people that speak different languages and follow different religion live together to form a nation-having a national flag, national anthem, constitution and usually one official language. Countries that follow some form of democracy run into a problem relating to their civil rights, such as, freedom to practice their…


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It is tempting to as to why can’t a successful CEO of a giant corporation? Certainly yes, anything is possible but in all likelihood he may not be able to run the nation a as successfully. While it is true that both a business organization and a nation are human organizations-although in cybernetic terms,   nation is many fold more complex than a business organization.  Apart from this similarity, there are much dissimilarity between the two.

  1. 1.       A business…

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Reflections on VSM

REFLECTIONS%20ON%20THE%20FRACTALR10.docx   Reflections on a book on Stafford Beer's Viable System Model. 

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Reflections on VSM

REFLECTIONS%20ON%20THE%20FRACTALR10.docx   Reflections on a book on Stafford Beer's Viable System Model. 

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Reflections on VSM

REFLECTIONS%20ON%20THE%20FRACTALR10.docx   Reflections on a book on Stafford Beer's Viable System Model. 

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Article on Syntegration

Hello Members: 


This is an article I wrote on the ideas behind Stafford Beer's Syntegration. 

All the best,

John Coghlan

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Origins of Syntegration

For those interested in Syntegration. Here is a recent article I wrote on the origins of Stafford Beer's ideas for Syntegrity. 


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Study of Cybernetic Science of Thinking

Cybernetics of the Science of Thinking

I think the time has come when cyberneticians and scientific thinkers the world over should unite to evolve the cybernetics of the Science of Thinking; that is, the Scientific laws of thinking and the technology of thinking. In a decade now a quantum jump in the mode of thinking (including bio computing and A.I etc) has taken place. The explosion of knowledge in different  fields have over stretched the limits of human understanding ,so there is…


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Currently the world is in the midst of a currency war, debt crisis, economic   slow- down , info war ,political crises  ,military tensions, oil crisis, migration crisis etc. Different sector specific explanations are being offered by experts and others analyzing the crises in totality by inter connecting these specific crises. However, in ultimate analysis it all boils down to human decision making under extreme stress. Be it a stock market player, a military strategist, an investor…


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Cybernetics of War and Peace



                        CYBERNETICS OF WAR AND PEACE


War and Peace situations occur as a result combine effect of both prevailing internal mindset of the individual/organization/country, external realities and differences in perceived realities by both opposing parties.

Depending upon the magnitude of the problem and the extent of perceptional difference  between the two parties, the intensity of conflict can  continuously increase or decrease due to…


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All of us aspire for freedom. Freedom from constraints, freedom from being regulated or controlled by others, religion,  social, economic or political freedom. As children we want freedom from the parental dictates,   as adults individuals want personal freedom, freedom of expression, free to sex and love, free to choose our destiny, our values, freedom to think, that s free of ideologies, philosophies and dogmas.  But as thinking beings we even want freedom from thinking   as we may…


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The transition from monarchy to democracy from the point of view of governance has been a step jump. While in monarchy the ruler or king supported by his chosen council of ministers, represent the mind of the country, in democracy the elected representatives of the people, in turn elect their leader who chooses his council of ministers and in a sense portray the mind of the nation.  However, like all living systems in order to be viable, human systems must also be self organizing or…


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Innovative Management Cybernetics

Why is there a need to add the word ‘Innovation” to  Management  Cybernetics? Cybernetics as explained by Professor Stafford Beer is the science of self organizing systems (systems S!,S2, S3, S4,and S5). While S3 concerns itself with managing (planning, organizing, evaluating) the present system as designed, S4 deals with the designing future systems. The decision of select the redesign and time its introduction rests with the S5 .Basically one is distinguishing between homeostatic  and home…


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Whether advantages of Internet?

the currert debate on restrictions on the use of Internet to those who can pay is just the tip of the ice berg. he sinster plan exposed by Snowdon gives scary picture of shape of things to come.

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Classification of Human Thinkers

Classification of types of Human Thinkers

Human thinkers as part of social thinking system can be classified into five types of thinkers. First, a set of human beings think about the performing the survival aspects of thinking. In the viable systems model of Stafford Beer these are performing operation management role in the human thinking industry or the knowledge economy. Next are those who engage themselves in thinking about the co ordination problems of survival thinking…


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Robust Info Systems

The aftermath of Snowdon's leak of NSA should suggest that any Secret service agency wanting to guard itself against such informational sunami should perhaps think in terms of deigning not only a mulch -level hierarchical  distributed system with built in checks and balances such that any sub system if hacked cannot access other subsystems but also design several pseudo systems there to lead the hacker to dead ends.. Any comments ?

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Inside Gatorade’s Social Media Command Center

Mashable have this info about Gatorade's Social Media Centre. It reminded me of Project Cybersyn.

Is the comparison superficial - or is this a new application of cybernetics?

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Дельта технология - технология понимания, взаимопонимания и развития

Мой проект разрабатывается с 1985 года и представляет собой альтернативу традиционным информационным технологиям и системам управления. Для ознакомления скачайте презентацию из раздела презентаций на русском и наглийском языках и если это привлечет Ваше внимание и покажется интересным, то обсудим предлагаемую концепцию.

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Essay tips

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